PC Link Downloads

PC Link Downloads

LinkECU's engine management software package, PC Link, gives you complete control of your ECU, allowing for real-time configuration of all available functions.

Taking Tuning To The Next Level

PCLink is an advanced tuning package designed to be simple to use, yet deliver the flexibility and advanced features required by professional tuners, incorporating data log analysis features to further reduce tuning time and provide after event feedback.

PC Link is one of the most comprehensive tuning packages available on the market today, and, it's completely FREE.

PC Link can be fully tailored to your needs, giving you the ability to modify the layout of the ECU tuning software dependent on your priorities. A tabbed page system allows multiple pages of information to be arranged and quickly viewed.


  • Compatible with all Link ECUs
  • Mouse or Keyboard driven
  • Fully configurable multi-page layout
  • Large number of different “views” for displaying ECU and log data
  • Advanced time saving tuning features and shortcuts
  • Single key access to all critical runtime values
  • Single key to convert metric-imperial
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Logically organised tree style navigation of ECU settings
  • Comprehensive help files


  • A variety of configurable gauge types
  • Highly visible warnings


  • Pop-out settings menu that saves screen space
  • Interactive 3D surface graph
  • Multiple table display
  • Configurable gauges, plotting and runtime values
  • Warnings and Status Information
  • All runtime displays automatically change based on selected table


  • Record, save, download and analyse data log files
  • Customisable colour themes
  • Log analysis views: Time Plot, Navigator, XY Plot, Statistics, Histogram, Value List, Parameter List
  • Overlay and offset laps and files for comparison
  • Global time and cursor linking
  • Record, analyse and compare logs while tuning an ECU

Software Downloads

G5 / G4X
Ver: 7.2.2 (Released: 15th December 2023) - View release notes
English Only English/日本語 English/Español temporarily unavailable English/ Français
Legacy Versions
Includes G1, G2, G3, G4, G4+, G4X and G5
View All Versions

*PC Link is currently only available to download for Windows based PC's, laptops and tablets.

Please ensure you download the version corresponding to your ECU (A G4+ ECU will require a G4+ version of PC Link) and read through the 'Help file' which provides a lot of useful information.