New to ECUs?

New to ECUs?

Link Engine Control Units (ECUs) can be used to manage up to 2,600 engine parameters on a wide range of motorsport and powersport vehicles.

Whatever performance enhancements you are after, you can start here to get a good understanding of how ECU's work, the benefits and performance gains you can expect, and the next steps for your build.

Resources to bring you up to speed

We've put together some resources to help you understand what an ECU is, which products will work best for you, and the benefits it can bring to your project.

Why an Aftermarket ECU?

Discover the benefits for your engine

Basics 2
Introduction to Link ECUs

Discover the benefits for your engine

Plugin vs Wirein ECUs

Discover the benefits for your engine

ECU Applications

A variety of vehicles use Link ECUs


ECU & performance terminology


A hit-list of common questions

Learning Channels

We have some great options for learning about ECUs and performance

Link YouTube Channel

Tutorials, demos, builds and more

Link Forum

Online advice and support community

ECU Learning Resources

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Next Steps: start your journey with Link
Planning your build

Information and resources to help

Which ECU for me?

Find the right unit and accessories

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