PlugIn vs WireIn ECU’s

PlugIn vs WireIn ECU’s

Which do I choose?

Link Engine Management have two different types of standalone ECU’s on offer - a PlugIn ECU and a WireIn ECU. Deciding which type to choose for your engine is difficult when you don’t know where to start. Here, we explain the difference between the two types of ECU and help point you in the correct direction for purchasing a new engine management system for your car.

Plug-In ECUs

PlugIn ECU’s, often referred to as Plug’n’Play units, are a direct replacement for the factory unit in your car. No additional wiring is needed when installing a PlugIn, nor an adapter harness. Link ECU PlugIn units are unique in that they are designed to plug straight in, compared to many other standalone ECU’s which require the adapter harness.

Link G4+ PlugIn ECU’s give you more ability to tune your car and cater for aftermarket parts such as a turbo, which are features not generally supported by the factory ECU. We have a large range of PlugIns for models including Mitsibushi, Subaru, Toyota, Holden, Nissan and more. Check out our range to see if a PlugIn ECU is an option for your vehicle.

Wire-In ECUs

If, however, your car is undergoing an engine swap or going to be used for a race build, a WireIn ECU will most likely be the best solution for you. Once again, we have a wide variety of WireIn’s on offer, depending on which engine you are utilizing and what features you require. WireIn’s require a full rewire of the vehicle concerned, but the extra work is rewarded with complete control and almost infinite adjustability of your engine. WireIn ECU’s are designed to be tuned and modified, able to handle many kinds of parameters. Even our more entry level WireIn ECU’s offer flex fuel, engine protection limiters, data logging, VVT and closed loop boost control features. If you require E-throttle , traction control, cruise control or peak and hold injection, you would be looking at one of our upper level WireIn ECU’s such as the Thunder.

How do I choose?

You can begin to make your choice of ECU based on a few important features:

  • Number of injectors and ignition channels required
  • Inputs and outputs required
  • Special features you need i.e. Launch control, Flex Fuel etc
  • Your budget

This ECU comparison chart is also a good source of information to select the correct ECU for your application.

Any further queries? Do not hesitate to contact an authorized Link ECU dealer today.