Engine Protection Features

Engine Protection features

We all know that tuning engines for high performance can be costly and tiresome, but just how costly are you willing to allow your build to be?

Link Engine Management offer a range of accessories which can prevent a small mishap within your engine from turning fatal.


Fluid pressure, fluid temperature, CAN lambda and knock sensors are all vital items to compliment your latest ECU purchase. These accessories give you the ability to acknowledge when something is not quite right within the engine, and set parameters to send the car into limp mode if things are looking particularly bleak. This gives you the chance to resolve a small problem within the engine before it becomes disastrous. Because we all know by the time you have heard crunch from the engine bay, it’s too late!


The 'must-haves' for protection

The following accessories are ‘must haves’ when implementing an aftermarket ECU into your car:



(Provided the ECU knows what the air/fuel ratio is, a CAN lambda set’s a maximum parameter for the air/fuel ratio relative to engine boost pressure or load. This ‘maximum’ is the leanest air/fuel ratio it will allow, so should the air/fuel ratio go leaner than this, the ECU will send the engine into a fail-safe mode.


(The knockblock will be used by your Link ECU tuner on the dyno, allowing them to hear if a small amount of detonation is occurring. Using PC Link, they will then alter the tune of your car to avoid any further engine damaging detonation.)


When it comes time for a tune, make sure you spend some time talking to your tuner about what you want and what they can offer in the way of engine protection. A little extra spent here could save you thousands later on.

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