KnockBlock Explained

KnockBlock Explained

An essential tuning tool...

The Link KnockBlock is a compact unit is used to aid in detecting engine detonation before it becomes engine damaging. Incorrect ignition timing, lean air / fuel mixtures and mechanical issues can all contribute to ‘knock’ (AKA detonation), which will greatly reduce engine life if not detected and accounted for in its early stages.

The KnockBlock takes signal from peso electric knock sensor & converts it to a signal which a tuner can listen to via headphones. It is easily connected using two DTM three-pin connectors which go to knock sensor harnesses, and a typical donut style knock sensor.

The device is battery powered, and with the battery lasting three days it never needs to be hooked up to power source while using. Charging is simply completed through a MiniUSB port for charging straight from laptop.

Used by professionals around the world, the Knock Block is worth the small investment now which could save you thousands in the long run. This audio detection device should be a fundamental component of your tuning toolkit!


KnockBlock #KNB includes:
  • G4+ KnockBlock
  • 2x sensor looms (attached)
  • 1x headphone loom (attached)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 1x USB cable mini
  • 2x Bosch type doughnut OEM knock sensors
  • 2x small Link Engine Management stickers


Link Engine Management sells exclusively through a dealer network, contact your local Reseller today.