ECU Applications

ECU Applications

Link's integrated engine management solutions are used in a huge variety of motorsports and performance vehicles, with accessories and features to maximize performance in any discipline.

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Track - Circuit, Endurance & Time Attack

Track racing captivates teams and fans at all levels from the world’s most elite events through to grass roots and family-friendly. Circuit, endurance and time attack all test drivers' skills, vehicle performance and race strategies such as engine set-up, fuel conservation, tire management and pit stops.

Track layouts and climate conditions are varied, but typically involve high speed and complex cornering. Link’s engine management solutions give complete control over fuel delivery, launch, ignition timing and boost to tailor power delivery and throttle response these wide ranging conditions. More advanced features include wheel slip-based traction control, multiple fuel tables (for example wet/dry calibrations), professional-level gear shift control (including paddle shift), rolling antilag, pit & yellow flag speed limiters, switchable wet/dry wheel speed calibrations, virtual fuel tank, and flexible engine protection limiters.

Link Legends – Circuit, Endurance & Time Attack

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Drag racing is the ultimate in intense one-on-one competition, with major events across the U.S., Europe, Australia and beyond. Advances in engine, fuel and vehicle technology continue to increase the sports appeal with higher speeds, levels of safety and opportunities for fan engagement.

Drag vehicles are usually tuned for maximum power output over a short period, Link’s features such as launch and boost control, nitrous and traction control all maximize straight-line speed. Advanced features contribute even further to the winning edge such as race timer and power management, flexible limiters, live math channels, drag-specific log markers, direct CAN keypad integration, and power control based on ideal target wheel or driveshaft speeds.

Link Legends – Drag

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Drifting has gained a huge global following over the last decade, and Link has been at the forefront of developing the sport through sponsorships from grass-roots to major global events, and working with many elite and upcoming drivers, teams and tuners. From its underground origins, drift now attracts huge audiences, large sponsors and a large range of drivers.

Drift is a highly demanding sport, both in the skills of drivers to maintain precise oversteer while controlling a car’s position, speed and direction, and also in engine management to achieve balanced power delivery and control, with features such as safety limiters, flex fuel, boost control, anti-lag and data-logging for detailed analysis and continued improvement. Link delivers these winning features and many more to drift pilots of all levels, including champions across the globe.

Link Legends – Drift

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Off-roading is the ultimate in adventure and self-expression, with a vast range of outdoor environments and activities available from extreme endurance and competition to recreation and leisure. Customers are after extensive levels of customisation, integration, and security. The demands on technology range from all the comforts of home to critical systems such as power, water purification and emergency communication in remote locations.

Link’s engine management solutions optimise engine parameters for diverse terrains, adjusting fuel delivery, ensuring optimal torque at low speeds, and maintaining engine safety and reliability. Integration with wider accessories and data systems combines engine performance with power and device management, interfaces and connectivity.  Our rugged solutions withstand extreme conditions, enabling enthusiasts to explore the most challenging terrains with confidence.

Link Legends – Off-Road

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Rally is popular motorsport worldwide, that demands not just speed, but often endurance, navigation skills, and handling a vehicle across diverse terrains from dirt and gravel to asphalt and snow, often in unpredictable climates and weather.

A successful rally car is a balanced package, and engine management must be highly reliable and adaptable to compensate for changes in conditions, like temperature and altitude. Link brings a wide range of features and accessories, such as tailoring engine parameters for diverse terrain and unpredictable conditions, and detailed fuel maps based on load and RPM.

Link Legends – Rally

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Hill Climb

Hill climb is one of the oldest forms of motorsport, first known in 1897, and is thriving the world over with modern powertrains, and performance records being continually broken. 

Hill climb requires unique engine management and settings. Link’s solutions help optimise power, torque, throttle control and traction, particularly for challenging gradients and often narrow and twisting routes.

Link Legends – Hill Climb

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