ECU Applications

ECU Applications

Link ECU's are used in a huge variety of vehicles, not just performance cars. Have a look below at some vehicles types using Link Engine Management.


These Supercharged V8 powered boats are incredible machines. Link ECU's are popular in jetsprints because they allow the Tuner to make the huge amount of power more 'useable' for the Driver.


Link ECUs allow for ignition and fuelling adjustments of carburetted speedway engines, as well as full engine management of fuel injected engines.


Many Link Dealers specialise in installing aftermarket ECUs into specialty motorcycles. Read more in the articles below.


Link offers some specialty ECUs for snowmobiles.

HYPERSPORTS 721hp snowmobile powered by Link Fury

By Robert | December 21, 2017 |

One of our favorites from PRI, this stunning  snowmobile built by LinkECU tuner Hypersports, is an absolute giant killer. The 1177cc 2 cylinder arcrylic cat/suzuki 4-stroke engine features a Precision Gen2 6062 and Precision turbo wastegate and is run on Methanol. The engine management is hosted by a Link Fury standalone ECU. The chassis and…

& More!

10 Vehicles You Wouldn’t Expect Use a Link ECU

By Link ECU | June 13, 2019 |

If it is a spark ignition engine, chances are, a Link ECU can control it. This results in Link ECU’s being used an extensive variety of projects around the world. Here, we feature 10 vehicles you probably wouldn’t expect to use Link Engine Management to such great effect. 1. A Hand Built Hovercraft This is…

1969 Mustang powered by Link Xtreme

By Robert | September 19, 2018 |

A family car passed down through generations is always something special, but one as pristine as this 1969 Mustang owned by a happy Link ECU customer in Texas, USA, is very impressive.   Josh was sold this Single turbo Ford Mustang for $100 by his Great Grandfather, the original owner. The car has undergone some big…

Ariel Nomad running Link ECU

By Robert | September 22, 2016 |

We are excited to show the new Ariel Nomad, which runs a Link ECU. Once described as “One of the most amusing cars ever conceived” by BBC’s TopGear