Workflow & Budgeting

Workflow & Budgeting

How much will my engine management package cost?

The answer to this question depends on many factors which are specific to your build. You will need to account for the cost of the ECU, wiring and accessories, plus installation and tuning costs. The flow chart below aims to help you break down these costs so you can Plan your Build.  

A competitive advantage of Link ECUs is that all the engine management features are ‘unlocked’ from the outset. There are no upgrade costs. Plus, our tuning software PC Link, is completely free to download and use.  

Here are the costs you can expect:  

1. The ECU  

Deciding which ECU you require is the first step in the process. Link ECUs range from $800 - $1950 USD plus taxes and shipping. They are sold exclusively via Link ECU Official Resellers who will be able to provide you with pricing 

Bear in mind that you may want to spend more now & get an ECU higher up in the range, avoiding upgrade costs later. For example, the FuryX has onboard wideband digital lambda control, so if this is something you think you may want in the future, it is best to consider this option now. WireIns are not specific to one car, so if you want to put it in another car later, you can do so by changing the wiring and mapping.  

Carefully analyse the capability of each Link ECU in our handy comparison chart

2. Looms and Pin Kits  

For a wire In ECU you will need to create a Wiring loom. A general rule here is: the more complex the ECU, the more the wiring will cost. For example, a MonsoonX only manages one “A loom whereas a Thunder can have up to four looms. 

You may need to pay a wiring specialist to create this loom for you. Otherwise, many Link ECU Dealers offer pre-made adapter harnesses which mean you can simply purchase the harness with all the work done for you! Try Googling your car model followed by Link ECU to see if this is an option for your model of car.  

PlugIn ECUs are more cost-effective here as they use the existing wiring of the car. Read this article if you are unsure about choosing between a WireIn or a PlugIn ECU.  

3. Accessories / Sensors  

An XS Loom is a popular addition with a PlugIn ECU. The expansion harness allows for more inputs and outputs to be added, such as boost control if you have added a turbo to the car. 


Other popular sensors include MAP sensors, Oxygen sensors, and fluid temperate sensors. A Link ECU Dealer will be able to help you with the pricing and availability options for these.  

Other popular sensors include a MAP sensor, air Temperature sensors and coolant temperature sensors. Other possible accessories you may require are covered in this article.

4. Installation costs

While PlugIn ECUs simply replace the factory ECU, we still advise seeing a Tuner to help you with the installation. They will recognise any issues with the existing wiring and perhaps the possibility that some sensors need replacing.  

WireIn ECUs will need to be wired and installed by a professional in most cases. Tuners and Wiring Specialists will likely charge per hour for this kind of work.   

5. Dyno Tune  

The fun part! Dyno Tuning costs vary considerably across the world, but if you have completed a solid build the tune should be done within a day.  
If your car is unfinished or you still have issues to resolve, booking the car in for a tune can be a waste of money. Make sure it is mechanically sound before taking your car to a dyno.  

Link ECU

+ Wiring

+ Sensors


+ Installation

+ Tune

= The Complete Package




Link ECUs and accessories are sold via Official Link ECU Dealers. A Dealer in your region will be able to give you exact pricing options for the ECU you require, plus the costs outlined above 

Local taxes import duties and shipping fees vary significantly in differing regions which is why we don’t publish pricing online.  

To start budgeting for your project, contact a Link ECU Dealer here