Introduction to Link ECUs

Introduction to Link ECUs

Link ECUs can be used on most petrol powered, internal combustion engines.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder engines can be supported by a Link Engine Management system, as well as 2, 3 and 4 Rotor engines. Manual transmissions are always supported, while some PlugIn models also support an automatic transmission (i.e. the Nissan 350Z and BMW E36). 

The ECU controls the engine of the car, including the fuel delivery and ignition timing. Opposed to a Factory ECU, which are generally 'locked down' and allow very little alteration to the factory settings, Link ECUs allow for modifications to the engine. These modifications could be directed towards gaining more power, altering fuel efficiency, or even making allowances for aftermarket modifications such as a turbocharger, which isn't supported by the OEM ECU. 

Two Types

Link ECUs are segmented into two types of ECU:  

WireIn ECUs

The first is a range of Universal WireIn ECUs, which can be used in nearly any spark ignition engine with a manual gearbox. By creating a custom wiring harness, the Wire In ECU is then wired in to the car, boat or flying machine and its componentry.  Link has eight universal Wire Ins which are compared in this chart here:  (of special note: The Force GDI is specifically designed for Direct Injection engines, while the Kurofune is our Wire In ECU which acts as a replacement for the HKS FCON unit). 

PlugIn ECUs

Secondly, Link’s widely respected range of PlugIn ECUs fit directly into the factory location in a range of specific car models. We currently have PlugIn for vehicles ranging from a Subaru WRX to the infamous Nissan GTR Skyline. You can check out the range here


Furthermore, Link have a range of accessories to complement the ECU and create an overall engine management package which tailors to your needs. Pressure sensors can be used to monitor oil and fuel pressures, along with temperature sensors, MAP Sensors and exhaust oxygen sensors all accurately measuring and sending information directly to the ECU. This information can then be displayed directly in the cockpit, via a Link MXS Dash Display.  


ECUs are tuned via a software program. Link’s software, PC Link, is free to download and offers a very user-friendly platform to work from. PC Link is where Tuner’s can alter the engine parameters to create more power, set up boost control, anti-lag, or launch control, and even make the engine run more efficiently.  The Help File located within PC Link also explains every feature available and how to calibrate sensors. 

Link ECUs range from $800 - $2000 USD; pricing is very dependent on the package you require, installation costs and tuning time. Our entire product range is available exclusively through a Dealer network. Purchasing via an official Link ECU Dealer allows you to get an ideal Customer Experience with your ECU, from purchase to the final tune.

Official Resellers are located in over 65 countries around the world. Dealers can be found here.