G4X Explained

G4X Explained

G4X, the legend continues

The championship winning G4X Range of ECUs is still the ECU we recommend for most applications. If you are not running direct injection, needing over 8 injectors, don’t need the extra inputs and outputs and can do without the new features like GPS and Wi-Fi, then G4X is still the high performance ECU for you.


The full G4X range is only three years old, being released in August 2020, and is still one of the most modern ECUs on the market (some competitor ‘latest’ ECUs are over ten years old). Over this time, G4X has proven to be the most reliable ECU on the market, with a reputation of just working out the box.

G4X is race proven the world over, meaning that G4X ECUs have powered many championship winning vehicles, broken many records such as the fastest Skyline in the world, and has been proven in Drift, Circuit, Drag, Jetboats, Off-road, snow mobiles, airplanes and many other applications.

Link will continue to manufacture and sell the G4X range for years to come and will continue to provide free software updates, free support via live human tech support, and will continue to back it with Link’s limited lifetime warranty.

The trusted high performance solution

The G4X range of ECUs is still a world leader in its class and has many advanced features such as:

  • One of the fastest microcontrollers (computers) on the market
  • Traction Control
  • Launch Control
  • Anti-lag
  • Flappy Paddle Control
  • 512MB of onboard data logging
  • Race Timer
  • Flex fuel
  • E-throttle Control
  • VVT Control
The ECU for you?

LinkECU recommends the G4X range of ECUs for most applications like the below non-DI engines running 8 injectors or less:

Chevrolet LS. Honda B16, F20C, K20. Mazda 13B, 20B. Mitsubishi 4G63T. Nissan CA, SR, RB, VK, VQ, VR38. Subaru EJ20. Toyota 4-AGE, 1UZ, 1JZ, 2JZ, 3S-GE.

The above are examples of just some of the engines we typically recommend G4X for. To confirm if G4X is the ECU for you, please contact your local reseller or Link’s Tech Support team.