Manuals & Support

Software & Manuals

In this support section you'll find Link ECU software, firmware upgrades and other quick reference guides.

For help setting up your ECU and accessories (such as sensor calibrations) use the PC Link HELP file. This contains all the information needed. The HELP file is found in our free software download: PC Link

Your Link ECU Dealer

Link does not sell direct to the public. For Unlock Codes, Warranty or Servicing enquiries, you will need to contact the Link ECU Dealer you purchased the Link ECU from. All Link ECU’s are delivered ‘locked’, which is an anti-theft measure, and Link ECU’s can only be unlocked by your dealer.

PC Link Software
PC Link download

Download Link’s PC-based tuning software

ECU Fault Codes

Quick reference to the Link ECU fault codes

Fuel Equations in PC Link

The three fuel equations available in PC Link

Register your ECU

Register your Link ECU for added benefits

PDM Link Software
PDM Link download

PC Based software to control the Razor PDM

Manuals and Guides
G5 Downloads

Downloads including Quick Start Guide and I/0 Table

G4X Plug-in Manuals

Download Plug In manuals

G4X Quickstart Guides

Download Wire In Quickstart Guides

G4+ Plug-in Manuals

User manuals for our range of PlugIn ECU's

G4+ Quickstart Guides

Quickstart guides for our range of Wirein ECU's

Accessory Manuals

Quickstart guides for our range of accessories

Online support

For more detailed advice or to share your own ideas, join the conversation with Link ECU users from around the world.

Link Online Forum

In-depth advice and insights

Link YouTube Channel

Tutorials, demos, builds and more

ECU Learning Resources

All our recommendations


All the answers to our most popular questions

Help with your ECU

If you are after more information or help with your Link ECU, we recommend you follow these steps

  1. As a proud Link ECU Owner, your first port of call is the Owner’s Manual.  This comes in the box along with the ECU when purchased, but can also be downloaded in the links above.
  2. Link’s tuning software, PC Link, has a Help file which can be found by pressing F1.  This Help File lists all features within PC Link, categorically indexed to make things easy for you to find.
  3. The Link ECU Forums and YouTube channel (also above) contain plenty of information. Use the search bar to find the information you are after.
  4. Finally, we have Tech Support available for Dealer’s questions. Please refrain from contacting Tech Support until you have made use of the resources above first.
Tech Support

Contact our tech team

ECU Service Requests

Instructions for completing a service request