Fuel Equations in PCLink


PCLink has three fuel equations available: Modelled Multi-Fuel Equation, Modelled Fuel Equation and Basic (Traditional) Fuel Equation.


1. Modelled Multi-Fuel Equation

  1. Modelled Fuel Equation (below) plus run ANY blend of two compatible fuel types and the ECU will inject the correct amount of fuel.
  2. The additional data the ECU receives for the two new modelled fuel modes results in more accurate fueling than the traditional mode.
  3. Multi-Fuel has full support of multiple fuels with separate settings for each fuel type and configurable blending between fuels.


2. Modelled Fuel Equation

Tune the Volumetric Efficiency (VE) table once. Changes not effecting the VE of the engine i.e. injectors, lambda targets, fuel pressures, etc. can be made without having to alter the VE table.

  • Modelled fuel equation considers:
  • Volumetric efficiency
  • Load type - MAP, TPS, MAP+TPS, none
  • Engine capacity
  • Lambda target
  • Fuel system type and pressure (injector flow pressure correction)
  • Fuel density
  • Fuel density temperature coefficient
  • Stoichiometric ratio
  • Air charge temperature
  • Fuel charge cooling
  • Injector size
  • Injector dead time
  • Injector characteristic (GM style)


3. Traditional Fuel Equation

The popular, existing fuel equation has been retained allowing tuners to use their existing maps. The traditional fuel equation is recommended for tuners wanting to get an engine tuned promptly for budget customers.