Can Lambda Explained

 Can Lambda explained

Why you should use a Can Lambda Sensor


A CAN LAMBDA sensor, often referred to as an oxygen sensor, measures the level of oxygen in exhaust gases. This level is critical in obtaining the optimal air fuel mixture when tuning an engine.

  • CAN refers to the Controller Area Network which acts as the ‘nervous system’ of a vehicleenabling communication from one part to another.
  • The lambda calculation determines the ratio between the amount of oxygen actually present in the exhaust compared to the amount that should have been present to obtain perfect combustion.

 This air fuel ratio information which the CAN Lambda provides is essential for a tuner. The fuel input, power output and air fuel ratio present in the exhaust form the basis of all fuel tuning. An engine which has too much oxygen present in the exhaust is titled ‘lean’ and will shorten the life of the engine. Alternatively, low oxygen readings in the exhaust may represent a rich engine which is receiving more fuel that it needs. Being able to see these figures while tuning a car allows the tuner to make fueling adjustments on the fly and determine the optimal lambda figure.

Link CAN-Lambda Modules also give user’s a powerful method of adding multiple oxygen sensors and bringing them into the ECU for monitoring or closed-loop lambda control. CAN Lambda Modules can be easily added to an existing CAN Bus, then programmed to provide the required oxygen content.

Link CAN-Lambda uses a digital Bosch lambda controller to monitor, control and diagnose Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Lambda sensors. Digital wideband offers many advantages; the powerful LSU 4.9 sensor will eliminate any loss of signal, risk, delays and errors that analogue alternatives cause.

Link CAN Lambda modules allow up to eight wideband oxygen sensors to be measured, displayed and logged. A separate module is required for each oxygen sensor. The modules must be told which sensor they are connected to (eg cyl 1, cyl 2 etc...) so that they can be identified on the CAN bus. All Link CAN-Lambda modules are shipped preconfigured for a single installation. If only one sensor is being used the module requires no configuration.

The CAN-Lambda module is easy to configure with Link G4+ ECUs, and is also compatible with other aftermarket ECUs, dataloggers and dashboard displays that offer direct support for Link CAN-Lambda modules or configurable CAN.

Benefits of the Link ECU G4+ CAN Lambda
  • Multiple oxygen sensors can be fitted and monitored to different areas within an exhaust system
  • Digital feedback eliminates delays or signal loss
  • The CAN-Lambda never requires free air calibration as it comes preconfigured


The Link CAN Lambda module can only work with G4+ and newer ECU's. Link G4 and earlier ECUs use analog only input for lambda.


To purchase your CAN Lambda sensor, contact a Link ECU Dealer.