LinkECU highly values partnerships with drivers, teams, expert influencers and events, from up-and-coming to high profile. We cannot assist everyone that asks, but we will consider all applications in a fair and deserving manner.

Sponsorship Criteria

Sponsorships are two-way partnerships: LinkECU provides financial and/or in-kind product support, and in return our Sponsees agree to activities that will help increase LinkECU’s visibility and communicate our unique features and benefits.

Our sponsorship partners will:
  • deliver the activity agreed, such as brand placements, content creation, social media, images and video,
  • make themselves familiar with our products, product features and benefits.
  • speak knowledgeably about LinkECU’s products and benefits, and support the LinkECU brand.
  • provide regular updates, photographs and joint-promotion opportunities (this may include displaying the vehicle at events and trade shows), and
  • behave responsibly and be a strong ambassador for LinkECU’s values.
LinkECU offers three types of sponsorships:
  • Partial in-kind sponsorship – LinkECU provides products at discounted prices.
  • Full in-kind sponsorship – LinkECU provides products at no monetary cost. This sponsorship will be set at a maximum agreed value. Consideration is given to proposals with a high returns for LinkECU including significant audience reach and media exposure.
  • Event or team sponsorship – we occasionally sponsor teams or events with a combination of financial and product-in-kind support. These sponsorships require quantifiable benefits to LinkECU including significant brand engagement with motorsport and performance enthusiasts.
LinkECU will not sponsor anyone that:
  • could damage LinkECU’s reputation, put into question LinkECU’s values or social responsibility, or has the potential to offend or polarise (for example, religious, political, activist or unsafe activity),
  • does not have a specified level of support (i.e. open-ended sponsorships),
  • requires a ‘bail-out’ to pay for commercial survival,
  • supports any other Engine Management brand, or
  • expects support with little effort in return (our logo on a car is not enough!).
Other Considerations
  • Our product sponsorships focus on ECUs and immediate accessories.
  • Sponsorship requests will only be considered if our Sponsorship Application Form is completed and the requested information provided. We do not take applications over social media, email or the phone.
  • All sponsorship requests must identify an official local LinkECU dealer or tuner who will support them. If there is no LinkECU dealer or tuner in your area, please identify a dealer or tuner that will fully support LinkECU products.
  • We consider all solid proposals, but there is no guarantee that your application will be successful. We receive many requests, so please allow four to six weeks for this application to be processed.

Sponsorship Application