LinkECU recognises the value of partnering with drivers, vehicles, events and teams, from the up and coming, to the high profile.

No sponsorship from LinkECU is a ‘hand-out’ or donation; we aim to develop two way partnerships that provide LinkECU with increased exposure in order to enhance our brand and its image.

We endeavour to collaborate with as many teams and enthusiasts as possible, but unfortunately, we cannot assist all individuals and groups that approach us.

LinkECU offers three types of sponsorships:

Partial in-kind sponsorship – LinkECU will provide a selection of exhilarating products from our range at a heavily discounted price.

Full in-kind sponsorship – LinkECU provides a selection of our high-quality products from our product range at no monetary cost to the recipient. This sponsorship will be set at a maximum agreed monetary value. Full sponsorship consideration is only given to proposals with a good level of return for LinkECU including media exposure.

Event or team sponsorship – LinkECU will occasionally agree to sponsor a race team or motorsport event through a combination of financial and product-in-kind support. This sponsorship requires the team or event to provide maximum quantifiable benefits to LinkECU including substantial media exposure. Teams requiring full sponsorship from LinkECU will need to be at the top of their chosen discipline. Please note: these sponsorships are VERY rare.

Please Note:
  • Sponsorship is a two-way partnership, not a donation. It is an agreement between LinkECU and our sponsorship partners whereas LinkECU provides financial and/or in-kind support to a driver, vehicle, team or event in exchange for their marketing and promotional effort and assisting LinkECU in their marketing and promotional activities.
  • LinkECU will not sponsor people that just take our sponsorship for granted, who expect Link to support them with little or no effort in return. The “I will put your logo on my car” promise – this is not enough!
  • All sponsorship requests must identify a local LinkECU dealer or tuner who will support you.
  • No sponsorship requests will be considered if our Sponsorship Application form is not completed and the requested information is not provided. Sorry but we have so many requests that we need to follow a process. We will not accept applications over social media or the phone.
  • We cannot help everyone, we are sorry but it is a commercial reality. All sponsorship allocations are subject to normal budgetary considerations.
  • As we get so many request, we need time to work through them all, so please allow four to six weeks for this application to be considered. Please be patient and plan ahead.


Download a PDF of the Sponsorship Application Form