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As the perfect companion for the G5 Voodoo Pro ECU, the DI Driver-4 is the next leap forward in engine tuning, allowing you to master the complexities of direct injection tuning.

The DI Driver-4 is a highly configurable, cost effective and integrated solution, designed to give you full control of most modern solenoid type direct injectors and high-pressure fuel pumps.

When combined with Link's G5 Voodoo Pro ECU, multiple DI Driver-4 modules allow up to 12 Direct Injectors and two independent High Pressure Fuel Pumps to flow up to their maximum amount of fuel at a very high engine RPM.

Together the G5 Voodoo Pro ECU and DI Driver-4 can control both Direct Injection and staged Port Injection on a single tune, giving you the ultimate all-in-one solution to achieve greater power and efficiency.

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Designed with motorsport in mind the DI Driver-4 is housed in a rugged sealed CNC aluminium enclosure and features a waterproof 26-way Superseal automotive connector.

Connecting your ECU and additional DI Driver-4 Modules is easy with CAN Bus compatibility. Set-up has been simplified with our easy-to-use free DI Link software, which is highly configurable over USB.

The DI Driver-4 is engineered to withstand demanding conditions, and is backed by the industry-leading reliability and support you’ve come to expect from LinkECU. 

Your options for DI tuning

Tuning a DI engine is different to traditional port injection and requires both injector (current profile and flow) and fuel pump data (cam profile, pump control tuning and target pressures) to be characterised before you hit the dyno.

Gathering this data is very time consuming, and requires specialist equipment, such as an oscilloscope, a DI-specific flow bench, and degree-wheel.

Link has a range of characterisations available, and will be offering more as they are developed. The characterisations give you huge time savings – they have all the data you'll need to jump straight onto the dyno.

At launch, our fully charactersied engines are:

  • BWA 2.0 TFSI (EA113) - VW/Audi
  • Eco Boost 2.0 (R9DA) - Ford
  • FA20/4U-GSE - Subaru/Toyota (ZN6/ZC6)
  • L15B - Honda
  • 2UR-FSE - Lexus /Toyota
  • JTS 3.2 V6 - Alfa Romeo
Basically, there are two ways you can go about setting up your DI engine:
Link's characterisations

If your engine is one we have already characterised, you are good to go with one of our data sets.

To see an up-to-date list of characterisations currently available, visit our support page below – this page will be updated regularly.

Compile your own data

If we don't have characterisations, you will need to acquire the information listed above. This might be available from a DI specialist who has already done the development work, or you can undertake this work yourself.  

For more on gathering the information and characterisations you need, visit:

DI Driver Specifications

Injector Drives Four direct injection
Fuel Pump Drive One High Pressure
Max Boost Current 17.9A, Max Boost Voltage: 65V
Max Peak Current 17.9A, Max Peak Duration: 2000uS
Max Hold Current 5.0A, Max Hold Curation: 164mS
Maximum engine speed using Bosch HDEV 5.2 Injectors 14,200RPM
Water Resistant -40 to 80 °C Operating Temperature
A note about Peak and Hold

Peak and hold is a method of driving injectors used in both drag racing and direct injection. They are vastly different applications of a common concept and should be considered as two separate things. The DI Driver-4 is not designed as a Peak and Hold injector module for Drag Racing.

For installation, configuration, pinouts, detailed specifications, and more

DI Driver-4 is highly configurable using Link’s DI Link software, free to download

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User Manual

For installation, configuration, pinouts, detailed specifications, support and trouble shooting, see the Online User Manual.

DI Link Software

The DI Driver-4 is highly user configurable using Link’s free DI Link software, which is free to download.

Product Page

To view the DI Driver-4 in our official Reseller webstore.