Here at Link Engine Management, we currently have a range of eight WireIn ECU’s to suit a wide variety of vehicles.


A WireIn ECU is a standalone engine management system that requires a custom engine harness to maximise the potential and allow many new features out of an engine.



Our WireIn ECUs can be used to control just about any combustion engine with a manual transmission.
To compare our Wire In ECU’s with each other, you can have a look at this comparison chart.


Our smallest two WireIn ECUs are the AtomX and MonsoonX. These are ideal for 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engines just wanting a tune up. They require an A Loom for wiring into the car.


Our Mid-level ECUs include the StormX, XtremeX and G4+ Xtreme, which have motorsport features. These are commonly used in V8, rotary or six-cylinder Drift cars, Drag cars and Time Attack vehicles wanting to make use of the motorsport features.


For more serious applications wanting onboard digital wideband, the Link Fury is the best choice.


The Thunder is the largest Link ECU with the most inputs and outputs, plus all the motorsport features. Both the G4+ Xtreme G4+ Thunder offer peak and hold.


Our last two WireIn ECUs are the Force GDI (made for direct injection engines), and the Kurofune (made as a replacement for a popular aftermarket Japanese ECU).


You can find out more about each of these standalone ECUs on their product page within our website.


If you are after endless capabilities from your vehicle, then a WireIn ECU is for you!