PCLink – Latest Release Notes

PCLink Version 5.6.6 3564 (DLL rev 3544) 15/08/2018

New Features

  • Right Mouse Click on a time plot to add a marker or section.
  • File Directories tab in Options window lets the user specify a folder to always load from/save to
  • Hinged axis titles in Surface View.
  • Locked Surface view (similar to old surface view behaviour)


  • Some lists have had their default layout changed (alphabetical still works)
  • Minor improvements to the Logging Setup window.
  • Minor improvements to parameter selection.
  • Improved b marker drawing on the time plot.
  • Changed how parameter colours are named (see Parameter Menu and Setting up a Dial Gauges Runtime Values for details).
  • Improved consistency of keyboard shortcut keys across PCLink.
  • Searching CAN Parameters now takes into account transmit/receive filter.


  • Fixed few bugs with saving log files and holding F8 key.
  • Fixed bug in Aux Output where Diff Fuel Pressure was not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed bug with compare file and cell colours not changing.
  • Fixed bug where PCLink would crash if the computer (laptop) was put to sleep.
  • Fixed Cal tables 1-3 from wrapping around when output table start is set to a -ve number.
  • FP Speed Table now resizes correctly when double clicked.
  • DI14 now displays wheel speed label properly.
  • Imperial units in table axis setup improved.
  • Surface Graph fixed for Nvidia graphics chipsets.


G4+ Firmware Version – 15/08/2018

New Features

  • Added trigger modes for LS2 with moved cam sensor, Rover K series with CAM sync, Nissan VQ35HR and Mitsubishi Colt 4g15.
  • Added Astra CAN mode.
  • Added Single-Point Every TDC Injection Mode to activate all injectors on every TDC for throttle body injection kits.
  • Added CAN stream for Link AIM MXS Strada Dash.


  • Added 3D tables option to Closed Loop Lambda FTrim Limit.
  • Added options to GPOutputs.
  • Added Cruise Control power toggle switch mode.


  • Remove unused settings from Kurofune and Monsoon.
  • CLL dual channel mode now controls the second bank.
  • AFR average is now averaged correctly.
  • Add 3D Secondary Injection Deadtime table.
  • Fuel Pump FP table now interpolates correctly.
  • Knock Control High RPM lockout has been increased.
  • Gear Status can now be written from CAN input.
  • Fuel pump mode “80Hz 33/66/100 %DC” now reports duty cycle correctly.
  • Cylinders 9-12 now trigger injectors when configured as Semi-Sequential Injection.
  • Solenoid Idle Speed Control now shows status correctly.
  • Stepper Idle Speed Control now stops at the Minimum Clamp.




Please read this document carefully. It outlines new features and fixes for all ECU Firmware versions.  Make sure you understand these changes and take the necessary steps to check and set up all new features.

Read changes for ALL newer firmware versions than the ECU currently has, not just the latest version.

DO NOT attempt a Firmware Upgrade without allowing adequate time to resolve any issues that may arise.

By installing firmware into the ECU YOU AGREE IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check all settings, ECU functions and tuning are correct after the firmware update.