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Which software you choose is dependant on which product you are using...

iSeries ECU's

If you are using an iSeries (i44/i88/iPlug-in) ECU, then you can use Link Engine Management's software, PC Link for G4+, which you can download from here.


VSeries ECU's

For VSeries ECU's, you can use the below software. If you are unsure of which version to use, download the most recent version.

All software comes with help files, sample files, ECU firmware and USB drivers.

VTS V4.10.2.1784 V4.10.2 V4.8.4 to V4.10.2
VTS V4.9.9.1784 V4.9.9 V4.8.4 to V4.9.9
VTS V4.9.8.1540 V4.9.8 V4.8.4 to V4.9.8
VTS V4.9.3.1194 V4.9.3 V4.8.4 to V4.9.3
VTS V4.9.1.1165 V4.9.1 V4.8.4 to V4.9.1
VTS V4.8.82.1129 V4.8.82 V4.8.4 to V4.8.8, V4.8.81, V4.8.82

All of our software comes with QuickTune, providing rapid hands-free tuning of Engine Air/Fuel mixtures. This automated operation frees the engine tuner, allowing total concentration on safe engine/dyno operation. On road tuning of motor vehicles is even possible.

This software uses a complex combination of math, including statistics, trigonometry and fuzzy logic to intelligently adjust the fuel delivery tables. Initial tuning is rapid usually occurring within 1 second. High precision can be achieved by allowing the QuickTune to operate for an extended time at each engine operating point. The operator has control over the balance between tuning speed and accuracy. Accuracy is ultimately limited by the accuracy of the attached Air/Fuel ratio measurement equipment.

The program provides visual indication of the tune status. Automatic and manual storage of tune status allows the user to monitor the tuning progress even if undertaken in several sessions. Tuning usually proceeds 2 to 5 times faster than possible by manual means. Fuel savings of as much at 90% have been reported. The considerable savings in engine life are obvious.

This program also has elaborate diagnostics facilities and allows simultaneous operation of the ECU internal data logger and external PC data logging.