1969 Mustang powered by Link Xtreme

A family car passed down through generations is always something special, but one as pristine as this 1969 Mustang owned by a happy Link ECU customer in Texas, USA, is very impressive.


Josh was sold this Single turbo Ford Mustang for $100 by his Great Grandfather, the original owner.

The car has undergone some big changes over that time, now utilising a Link G4+ Xtreme ECU to host the fuel injection. The car now features full sequential fuel and spare with LS coils and Fuel Injector Development 2200cc injectors.



The engine fueled by E85 has a High Compression Dart big bore block, helping the machine to put out over 1000 horsepower!



What a great result for this proud owner.



For more details on the Link G4+ Xtreme click here.

To find a dealer contact here.





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