RX7Link PlugIn ECU Spotlight

Rotaries. You either love, or hate them.

The distinct triangular rotor design makes for a unique noise and huge amount of power for the engine size.

Here at Link, we offer electronic engine management for rotary vehicles via our two ECU options. Firstly, our WireIn ECUs can control most manual, rotary engines on the market today. Secondly, within our infamous selection of PlugIn ECUs, the RX7Link is a great option for the Mazda RX7 rotary.

The Mazda RX7Link is a true Plug and Play solution for this unique vehicle. The RX7Link fits in to the factory enclosure in the factory location in Mazda RX-7 FD3S  ‘Batman’ Series 6, 7 and 8 cars with the 13B-REW engine.

In fact, we have two different RX7 PlugIns available; one for the Series 6 (FD3S  1992–1995) and another for series 7 (FD3S  1992–1995) models.

Image by Force-Fed Performance

Both the series 6 and series 7 RX7 PnP units are now supplied as G4X units only. This is Link’s latest generation of ECUs, which offer 512 megabytes of data-logging, better acceleration and a faster processor.

The RX7 PlugIn ECUs work with naturally aspirated, parallel twin turbo or single turbo set-ups.

Although the factory sequential turbo control is not supported, full electronic boost control with enhanced features is incorporated for control of single turbo or parallel twin turbo conversions.

The ECU retains all other features of the car, such as operating the air conditioning, tacho and the fuel pump.

Some added benefits of the RX7Link include:

-The ability to set-up Motorsport features such as launch control, traction control and flat shifting

-The ability to set-up safety features using limits such as Engine Temperature Dependent Progressive Limiting, selectable fuel timing and optional hard cuts

-Flex fuel

-Open or Closed Loop Boost Control

-5D boost control with three switchable tables

-512 MB data logging capability

While the RX7Link comes loaded with a start-up engine map, this is just enough to get your engine running. To get all the features listed above working and your car running optimally (especially considering the aftermarket turbo you have probably installed), taking your car to a Link Dealer to have the ECU installed and dyno tuned is ideal.

A Link Dealer will also be able to provide you with some additional extras such as an XS Loom. The XS loom will allow for more inputs/outputs (listed below) so your car can run more features. A Link MAP sensor may also be a good option for your car, replacing the factory one.

Extra sensor inputs

The easy connection of additional ECU input is possible via the expansion connector on the Link G4X board. The expansion connector provides:

-5V Supply

-Sensor Ground

-1 digital inputs

-2 analogue voltage inputs

MAP sensor options

-The factory MAP sensor can be used

-MAP through Expansion Connector is possible. The expansion connector provides power, ground, and analog
channels for the connection of a MAP sensor.

Darryl Curran’s 1999 Mazda FD RX7 “TSKBA7” in New Zealand makes great use of the RX7Link:

“Built for Time Attack but to be kept street legal. Previously 310rwhp factory twin turbo with light mods but now going through full rebuild to Single BW EFR9180 Turbo with aim of 550rwhp and probably broken gearboxes and diffs. Link ECU plug in ECU and supporting fuel system.”

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