Link ECU Build of the Week #12 – FD Pro Drift Car

This year, Faruk Kugay joins the ever-expanding lineup of Pro Formula Drift Drivers choosing Link ECU.

The Polish born Driver has been making waves in the drifting scene for a few years now, first starting out in 2002. Since then, he has organised events, taught drifting, judged competitions and competed across Europe and America. In 2014 he earned his Pro-2 license through his local Pro-am series in Northern California, Golden Gate Drift. In 2015 he earned his Pro 1 License and has since been competing in Pro 1.

With a new S14 build for this season, Faruk has turned to a Link Fury ECU to control his 2JZ engine.

His favourite part about the Link Fury is the data logging capabilities, meaning Faruk and his team from SGK Performance can analyse how the engine was running during each drift run.

He adds: "A massive thanks to Jason at @linkecu for all the help! Running our VVTI 2JZ on a Fury has been perfect!!! Awesome tune-ability and man... having an ECU company that supports our community and passion is simply amazing!"



The tune was a combined effort between Jason Ofelein & Bartosz Stolarski. It puts out 761 horsepower at 23psi.

The engine has been upgraded to include King Bearings in the 2JZGTE. CP pistons, Carrillo Rods, Brian Crower Cams and head pieces, Real Street Main Caps and lots of @driftmotion1 little pieces also feature. This motor is a dream build for Faruk, with the hand ported head from Cameron at ALC Machine after years of learning what works best. Along with the 2JZ motor and engine management package, the 1997 Nissan 240sx also features a center mounted radiator and many other modifications to meet the Formula Drift Technical Regulations.



Faruk will be debuting the new build when Formula Drift 2020 kicks off in August.



To select a livery for this season, Faruk ran an online competition where fans could design his car for the Formula Drift season!

The winning design can be seen below. Awesome work by Brad from New Zealand.



From a bare shell early this year, to the complete Formula Drift Spec build its is now, this build has required a lot of dedication.

Welcome to #TeamLink, Faruk!