Build of the Week – Track King Racing MR-S

Not only good looks…

This 2000 Toyota Spyder, aka MR-S, creates circa 350 horsepower. It been meticulously put together with big power increases in mind, and the car is now and is ready to hit the race track for some testing.

Owner, Aaron King, has undertaken an inspirational build. A true testament to his patience, it has taken over four years to get to this stage.

The car was originally a rolling chassis. Non driving. Non running.

You wouldn’t know that from seeing it today. It looks great, runs perfectly and captures attention not only online, but on the roads too.

“It’s going to be a fun car for time attack events, hill climb and any thing I feel like bringing her out for” Aaron comments.

The Engine & Electronics

Powered by a Toyota 2zz-ge 4cyl 1.8L engine, the MR-S is controlled by a custom solution by PanicMade using a Link G4+ Xtreme ECU. The ECU is programmed to cater for upgrades such as the Compturbo CT2871s oil-less turbo. Aaron’s build also uses the OEM harness to control a few features, just saving costs for the immediate short-term.

“My hopes are to get a full PanicMade harness in the near future, plus a digital display and much much more” says Aaron. “I love the product line!”

The MR2 also uses a Link Can Lambda sensor to monitor oxygen content through the engine.

A similar electronic package is now on offer from PanicMade – the ZZW30 Link G4X PnP kit. Check out the advertisement featuring Aaron here!


The engine was tuned by Jason at Tuned by PSI. It currently puts out 348hp, 256tq @ 9000 rpm and 15psi on pump gas.

Aaron adds: “Now I have to upgrade my transmission to turn her up any more, but the build is good for 500hp once we do so.”


“I choose unlimited class as to not have as many restrictions other than Safety, and I’m still working on making sure those are all up to par.” A Custom Cages UK 8 pt Roll Cage is part of the upgrades, while an OEM Hardtop remains.

Additionally, full battle version suspension kit, plus Powertrix coilovers and Tanabe Front/Rear Strut braces will help handling while on a race track.


With a variety of events in mind, including Time Attack and hill climbs, the car is has been built to be versatile.

“This year will be mainly testing but next year I hope to hit Jzilla track days, Grid Life and Global Time Attack next year.”

Ultimately, this car is definitely something special in both looks and performance. We can’t wait to see how Aaron and the MR-S get on in the future.

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—Build List—

Link G4+ Storm
Panic made custom jumper harness
Tunedbypsi Jason @Link Dyno tuned

Yamaha 2zz-ge 4cyl 1.8L
Mahle 10:5:1 Pistons
MWR rod bearing
Kings main bearings
MWR stage 2 cams
MWR springs, valves, retainers
ARP head stud bolts
ARP Mains
ARP Rod bolts
En24 Lotus RAcing Oil Pump Gear
Mishimoto Thermostat
OLP 2 Row Race Radiator
Moroso Wet sump oil Pan and stud kit
TB Coolant Bypass
Custom Oil Cooler Setup
Marathon Race Battery

C60 6 speed man. w/ lsd
JDM Helical LSD
RZR Custom short shifter & cage
Competition Clutch 2-617-1STU Lightened Flywheel
MWR Gorilla HDSS clutch

Turbo Setup:
Compturbo CT2871s oil-less turbo
VRF Custom Sidewinder verticle mount manifold
VRF diffuser dump 3in vband exhaust
VRF 600hp air/water intercooler
Turbosport Raceport BOV
44mm Turbo smart Hypergate wastegate
Phantom Oil Press Gauge
Phantom Oil Temp Gauge
Phantom Boost Gauge
AEM Wideband A/F Gauge
(4) Universal Gauge Meter Pod Mounting Cup Holder
TKR Front Inverted V Mount Heat Exchanger
VRF Overflow tank
Jabsco Centrifugal Pump 12V Water Pump
Vibrant nylon braided A/W hoses
Frunk Battery Relocation Box
Dual Catch Cans
Greddy Turbo Timer/Boost Controller
Midship Garage duel engine fan kit

Walbro pump
Vibrant 6an braided fuel lines
Radium Fuel Rail
Radium FPR
Border City Fuel Hat/Hanger
Midship Garage fuel return kit
ANSU 1000cc injectors

OEM Hardtop w/ Roof scoop
GT Carbon mirrors
GT300 Monocraft Wide Body Gen 1 w/ TKR Modifications
TKR Full Splitter Kit w/ Diffuser
TKR GT Track Air Foil
TKR Canards
TKR Custom Drop hood w/ Radiator Channel
TKR Vortex Generators

Powertrix Coilovers
Custom Cages UK 8 pt Roll Cage
Tanabe Front/Rear Strut braces
Full battle version suspension kit
CHE Front Under Body Brace