After over 3,200 hours spent working on a car, you would expect it to be something special. We can certainly vouch for that with this AE86 carrying a 3SGE Beams engine.

Based in Uruguay, the car originally was left stock and restored for exhibitions. Once the aesthetic part was finished, a swap was made to the 3SGE Beams motor. Since then, upgrades to the front & rear suspension, brakes, supercharger, clutch, chassis reinforcement, roll cage and transmission have taken place. Of course, the standard ECU was replaced with a Link G4+ Plug In engine management solution, giving the owner full control over the fuelling, ignition and timing, along with the ability to set engine protection limits and allocate the auxiliary outputs.

No longer a Daily Driver, this is now a true Track Toy for owner Fernando Montero. The goal is to enjoy it in Time Attack and Drift events, and hopefully appear at the SEMA and the Nurburgring.

With 380 horsepower and just 950kg of weight, it promises to be a force to reckoned with!

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