Link ECU Success at D1NZ 2020

Link ECU Equipped cars took out the top 4 spots at D1NZ this past weekend!

The 2020 Season Opener saw piping hot action at Teretonga Park Raceway, with two times former Champion Cole Armstrong eventually claiming the round win. In his Nissan Skyline R34, Cole managed to edge out the freshly built 800HP RB32DET powered S14 of Dave Steedman after the final battle went down to the wire. Cole uses the Link G4+ Fury with digital onboard lambda control, while Dave has opted for the ‘Mack Daddy’ Thunder ECU.

Third Place for the event was awarded to Pro Class Rookie, Tay James. Tay did well to defeat NZ #2 Adam Davies in his 13B 180SX Monster in the battle for the final podium position, with Davies just making a mistake right at the end of their final run. Tay’s all new RB powered S14 was running on point all weekend, also utilising a G4+ Fury ECU.

In a sport that requires over 800 horsepower to be competitive and places huge demands on the engine, quality aftermarket ECUs ensure boost, RPM limits and consistent engine management is maintained and logged every session. Superchargers and radical engine modifications can be catered for with a Link ECU, whereby the engine mapping is adjusted to allow for the additional airflow, compression and horsepower the engine is pumping. Engine Cuts are also put in place by Tuners to ensure that if something goes wrong mid-run, i.e. oil pressure drops, the engine immediately turns off to avoid nasty damage and a costly repair bill.

Another advantage of Link G4+ software is that data logs can be viewed remotely, allowing Engine Specialists across the country to ‘tune in’ (excuse the pun) without having to be at every event.

PC Link Screenshot

Link Engine Management have been avid supporters of Drifting Motorsport over the past five years as the sport grows worldwide. We are pleased to continue support of D1NZ this year and see many of the competitors maximising their Link ECU.

D1NZ is the premiere drift series in New Zealand, trademarked with energetic, high-octane and door-to-door sideways action. In 2020, the competition has changed substantially, merging with Speedworks Events for the opening two rounds. This saw the Round 1 held at the southern-most race track in the world for the first time.

The Drivers and fans alike were very impressed with the circuit and it certainly provided the thrills and battles described above, covered LIVE on TV this year via Sky Sport NZ.

Make sure you catch the next four rounds Live on Television, or via the Livestream if you are outside of New Zealand.

Best of luck, Boys!



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