Amazing builds at PRI 2023

The Link ECU stand at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) 2023 show in Indianapolis is bigger and better than ever, featuring three amazing builds.

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Hypersports HRC-4 “Speed Needle” – Baynes Brothers Racing

Hypersports is a Wisconsin-based custom builder of world record setting snow mobiles, and a great supporter and user of Link ECU, including their own Link-designed plug and play for three cylinders.

Teaming with Baynes Brother Racing, they have been working hard to achieve the groundbreaking goal of 200mph in the 1,000 foot distance speed run. The custom-built Baynes Brothers Racing Hypersport HRC-4 currently holds the world record of 198.67 mph set last year.

The snow mobile is powered by a methanol-fueled 1401cc 4 cylinder Hypersport HRC-4 engine, making 1,000hp and controlled by a Link G4X Xtreme ECU. Other modifications include Link pressure and map sensors, Link Razor PDM, CFD work with Total Sim for the aero package, Precision Turbo Charger and waste gate, CVT Clutches, from STM, Atomizer Injectors, and Woody’s Traction providing titanium hardware.

Hypersports uses Link ECUs for a wide range of features, including Boost Control, PWM tables, and the fast logging and large memory. Hypersports rate Link highly for the flexibility of the platform.

Next year they plan to run the sled on Link’s new G5 Voodoo Pro ECU to take advantage of the built-in GPS and extra outputs.

Keep an eye out for attempts at the 200mph milestone this season with three events planned (weather permitting):

  • Jan 27, Forest Lake, Minnesota (NSSR sanctioned)
  • Feb 10, McGregor Minnesota (SLSA sanctioned)
  • Feb 24, Chetek Winter Fest, Wisconsin (NSSR sanctioned)
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Ford F150 Gen 3 Coyote 4WD - No-prep Drag

This stunning F150 no-prep drag machine is a rare breed, with a Gen 3 Coyote and almost everything fully built or customized. In fact, apart from the chassis, the only stock parts are the front axles and diff.

The owner was getting great performance from his diesel BMW E90, but wanted something more. The 2020 Roush F150 was purchased with 17 miles on the clock and driven 18 hours from Oklahoma to its new home in Detroit, and that’s where the fun begins.

It was meant to be a daily driver, but then the realization came that a Gen 3 would perform much better and be a unique build. The stock supercharged 2WD Roush Nitemare was converted to E85, but the Roush blower was maxed out, So twin 67s replaced the supercharger and the 10R80 trans was pulled and built. With the increased power the 2WD was a little uncontrollable, so it was converted to 4WD while the cab and motor were pulled, custom mounts made for the front diff, and many parts sourced and swapped. The 10 speed can eat through the clutches and can have odd shift strategies, so a Turbo 400 was installed for added reliability.

Next was changing to a standalone ECU with the Link G4X XtremeX, along with smart coils, Link’s 7’ Strata Dash, and custom cam and crank sensors – all installed and tuned to perfection by A-Star Fabrication in Pontiac, Michigan.

The Link ECU features that really bring this build to life include:

  • Multiple timing tables (ignition x time)
  • Launch and Traction Control 
  • Multiple boost tables (scramble and secondary scramble)
  • Air shifting the TH400 (RPM based and wired to the right paddle shifter)
  • Trans brake / PWM for bumping in (Left paddle is trans brake)
  • PWM control for the alternator
  • Wheel speed ran through the dash and CAN back into the ECU
  • GPS speed

The F150 makes 1,600-1,700hp at the wheels and has been competing in back of the track no-prep drag events, recently qualifying as the third pace runner up in Roadkill Nights on Woodward. Plans for the future include more no prep racing and perhaps methanol.

According to the owner, “This truck is unique, and something you don’t see all the time. Everyone builds cars, but 4WD is a game changer – you can stop anywhere, get on the chip and make a pass”.

Additional specs:
  • Original 2WD Roush Nitemare  >  4WD Conversion 
  • Built TH400
  • C02 Boost control
  • Built NP261HD Transfer Case
  • Mirror Image 78/75 VS Racing Turbos 
  • 8.5 Cert Cage & Back Half/4 link (Done by EC1 Race Cars)
  • Fabricated 9” rear end
  • Wilwood big brakes all around
  • Level 3 RPG built Engine (Sleeved/Piston/Rod/Frankenstien CNC Ported Heads/Top Fuel Hoops/Locked VVT)
  • PTC bolt together converter 
  • Budget Billet DI block off kit, Cam & Crank Sensors
  • IHC Tubular front control arms 
  • Viking Dual adjustable coil-over conversion up front and Afco Big Gun coilovers in the rear. 
  • Custom Engine harness (A-Star Fabrication)
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Rodin RC.TEN V10 Engine

Compact, lightweight and powerful, the RC.TEN engine is a true masterpiece – and then you hear it, there’s simply nothing like it.

Designed and built by Rodin Cars, a high-tech automotive manufacturing company based in New Zealand building their own engines, transmissions, chassis and running a test facility.

While 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, V8, and V12 engines all have their merits, the V10 engine is praised for being a well-balanced compromise in terms of length, weight, balance, and power output.

The engine has been developed for track, hi-level street and motorsports, and is available in both naturally aspirated and twin turbo models. The RC.TEN is able to cater to a range of applications and customer preferences, making it an attractive choice for automotive enthusiasts and manufacturers seeking a versatile and high-performance engine. When paired with Rodin’s own transmission, this driveline will offer leading power to weight outputs.

Additional specs (for the Naturally Aspirated model):
  • Block/head material: Cast Aluminium
  • Configuration: Water-cooled 72˚ V10
  • Displacement: 3,998cc
  • Induction: Naturally Aspirated, also available in Twin Turbo 11 psi boost (gauge)
  • Valvetrain: Gear-drive, DOHC finger follower
  • Chamber configuration: 4 valve pent-roof
  • Bore x stroke: 86 x 68.8mm (3.386” x 2.708”)
  • Compression ratio: 15:1
  • Fuelling: Synthetic 102 RON (50% sustainable)
  • Horsepower 720bhp @ 10,000
  • Torque: 530Nm @8,500
  • Weight: 125-160kg depending on configuration
  • Engine Control Unit: Link G5 Voodoo Pro
  • Lubrication: Dry sump
  • Injection type: Direct

Find out more at:, or email: [email protected]

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