Luke Lomas wins a free ECU!

While the competition in online Motorsport events may be virtual, the prizes can be real!

Recently, Link ECU Ambassador Corey Hosford  put on a virtual drift event via Twitch.

The winner of this was Luke Lomas , a 15 year old from Australia. As the winner of this competition, Luke received a free Link ECU. We shipped out the G4X S15 Plug’n’Play ECU requested by Luke, so that he could start drifting for real.

“At the time of winning the ECU, I didn’t have a car, but was looking at buying a S14A/S15 Silvia. The same day the ECU arrived was the day that we came home with a completely stock, Nissan S15 Silvia. It’s an Australian delivered car, but is mechanically the same as a JDM Spec R apart from being de-tuned from factory.” says Luke.

Although he is not yet old enough to compete, the motivated young Aussie plans to drive at Sydney Motorsport Park where there is a skidpan to initially learn on.

Luke adds: “the car is going to be lots of fun. Hopefully I can get out to a track and start drifting soon, can’t wait! It will be interesting to see how I can adapt from the simulator to real life driving, as I have only driven once in real life. That first time was in the S15, and to be honest, it felt just like the sim!”

As COVID-19 rampaged the world and closed down public events, virtual motorsports has provided relief for those Drivers and Fans missing the on track action over the past few months.

We are thoroughly enjoying seeing Link Sponsored Pro Drifters engage and interact by competing online with others from all over the world.

All the best in your drifting adventure, Luke!