PACE Motorsport tuning Motorcycles with Link ECU

PACE Motorsport is owned and operated by motorcycle enthusiast, Brett Ghedina.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, the company builds both custom performance motorcycles & automotive vehicles, specialising in the design, fabrication and tuning of turbocharged and supercharged/nitrous vehicles.

A busy man, Brett has installed and tuned countless Link ECU controlled engines over the years via a Mainline ProHub dyno. The workshop sees everything from street bikes to landspeed motorcycles and record breaking Dragsters.

A Link ECU is selected for many of these motorcycles as it allows for specialised custom fuel and ignition maps to be set-up according to what modifications have be done to each engine. Features such as flat shifting can be set-up and data logging can also be used to analyse how the bike is running up the drag strip.

We took a closer look at some of the motorcycles that have come through the PACE workshop for a Link ECU install over the years.

First up, is the PACE CBR1000 Turbo; the ‘Owners own bike’. This incredible machine puts out over 520 horsepower.

Check it out in action below clocking over 300 km/hr:

Another PACE Motorsports tuned Honda CBR1000, is this 2007 model drag bike. Also running a Link Fury ECU, this one puts out around 490 horsepower.

Brett also tuned this 2001 GSXR1000 owned by Phil Paton. The turbocharged Suzuki puts out over 300 horsepower running on methanol.

Another impressive Drag Racer is Mick' s Gen1 ZX14r Turbocharged drag bike running an older ViPec ECU (now renamed Link). This has the full PACE Motorsport engine package, plus a GT3582 turbo, Scott Davis / RCC Turbo's Exhaust header, PACE Motorsport dump pipe/W/G & charge pipe, E85 fuel system and an AMS1000 boost controller.
Power result for this one sits at 383Hp & 206Ftlb boost @ 120kpa / 17.5psi.

Finally for now, (although there are many more), this 2009 Turbocharged GSX1000 runs on a Link Fury ECU.

Follow more of PACE Motorsport builds on Social media here.