Link ECU Build of the Week #13 – KA24DE Mini Stock

A mean, green machine.This week’s build is something unique…

The 1992 Nissan 240sx with a ka24de engine is racing in the NASCAR Mini Stock class. It contests the 3/8 of a mile oval at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA.

Jim from Alm Automotive shared some information about the Mini Stock, which features serious modifications to the chassis. “We bought this car in 2015 as a rolling shell. We put coil overs on it, all adjustable suspension, roll cage and other modifications to get more left side weight to help it turn left. We also built new strut towers in the front, and a fuel cell with cage in the back.”

The KA24DE engine under the hood has 14:1 compression pistons with 90mm bore and BC stage 3 cams.

Jim also tuned the car. It made 215hp at the Dyno being naturally aspirated.

He adds: “The last few years we were using the AEM series 2, but this year we upgraded to a Link G4+ Xtreme.”
“The Link enables the alternator solenoid to have a delay shut off to contain all power to the battery during emergency shut off. We also are able to run a digital dash display using gauge art. The quick tune feature is a really cool feature, especially for teaching new people how to tune.”      View this post on Instagram         

Just finished teaching Derek how to tune a #linkecu It feels good to do something positive in this ever changing world. Great job Derek!! You officially know how to tune now. We made 215 Hp on a NA #ka24de. I want to thank Alex and Juan from Carburetor Connection in Kirkland, Wa for the use of the Dyno. If you need Dyno tuning this is the place to go.

A post shared by Jim (@almautomotive) on Jun 16, 2020 at 7:40am PDT

The Xtreme ECU is Link’s premium ECUs, designed for competition cars just like this one. With tuning features such as traction control, the all new XtremeX ECU also features a whopping 512 megabytes of data logging.

The ECU will be put to the test over the next couple of months as NASCAR junior racing starts up again.

“We run the full mini stock schedule and we have been for the last seven years. Of course, this season is going to be a little different because of COVID-19. I believe the season will be shortened a little bit, but racing is set to return soon.”

NASCAR is still in the beginning stages of moving from Carbureted to EFI in their lower divisions, such as the Mini Stock Class. Jim hopes to help change that, adding: “We have been seeing more and more people move from carbureted to EFI. There is great potential here.”

We certainly look forward to seeing how you get on against some tough competition this season. Good Luck from everyone at Link ECU.