Time Attack with Boersma Racing

The sport of Time Attack racing is one of the fastest growing types of motorsport around the world. In a race against the stopwatch, high speeds and high horsepower must combine with aerodynamics, downforce and driver skill to produce the fastest overall lap time. Time Attack sees teams requiring the very best technology as they test the limits of a car being pushed to its extreme.


Boersma Racing is one such team, competing in the Global Time Attack series (USA) this year.


Chris Boersma, team owner and driver, won the GTA series in the Pro Limited category in 2017. This year he is back with a vengeance and a completely rebuilt version on his Honda Civic.


The new car was unveiled at Road Atlanta just two weeks ago. having been rebuilt from the ground up over the off season, the team was excited to introduce it to the world and showcase all the changes they had worked so diligently on.


There was plenty of testing to be done at the event. First impressions were very good. Albeit some aero and suspension technicalities meant the team just missed out of a podium finish, the PC Link datalogging shows the engine is performing great. With more testing and running higher boost figures, Chris will most definitely be fighting for that top step of the podium at the next event – DriftLide MidWest.


We caught up with Chris to find out more about the changes to his car. Read on below to learn more about his Civic, controlled by a Link ECU Thunder.


What is the engine in your car?
We run a B18C engine which is 1.9L in displacement. The engine is an OEM block that’s been sleeved with an OEM ported head. The bore size has been upped to 83mm and we run a stock GSR crank bringing our displacement to 1.9L. C/R is 10.1:1.



What’s different from last season?
Everything, lol. We went a little crazy this off season and decided to do some big changes to the car. We wanted to make more power, so we went from a GTX3076R Gen2 turbo to a GTX3582R Gen2 turbo. We made some changes to our engine as well to better support our big power goals. We switch our cams to a more aggressive setup, as well as our intake manifold. As part of our turbo change we also had the guys at Unit2 Fabrication build us a custom divided twin scroll manifold. One area we’ve always had trouble in was transmissions, this year we opted to upgrade to a full dogbox setup to hopefully deal better with all that power we plan on making. There’s also been some huge upgrades in our aero department for this season with a special front splitter design. Finally, we made the switch to LinkECU which was a huge upgrade over our previous ECU, this also allowed us to completely rewire the car with a custom wire harness and clean things up a ton.



Which Link ECU are you using and how are you finding it?
We are using a Link Thunder ECU. One of the big things I wanted to do this off season was move to a full standalone so we could make some big improvements to the car. The Link has been amazing, it’s so powerful basically anything we dream up it can do without any issues. The software is also incredibly powerful yet intuitive which has been great for us. Using at the track is a real pleasure, especially since we’re relying so heavily on the advanced data logging capabilities of the Link.


What features do you utilize?
We’re using quite a bit from the Thunder. When we decided to go with the Link I wanted to try and maximize what it offered and leverage as much as possible. We converted the car to drive by wire with a Bosch 82mm motorsports throttle body. We’re using traction control, as well as flat foot shifting capabilities with our dogbox. We had Rywire build us a custom harness for the car that allows us to feed a lot of sensor data to the ECU. Today we’re monitoring IAT, Coolant Pressure, ECT, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Turbo Speed, Exhaust Manifold Pressure (across both banks), Wastegate position, Map, Fuel pressure, Crank case pressure and 4 wheel speed sensors. We’re also utilizing a custom trigger setup running the T1 Cam Trigger. We’re heavily utilizing the advanced data logging functions available in the Link ECU platform and so far we are really impressed with how everything works.



Who tuned the engine and what sort of power does it put out?
Jeff Evans is our tuner. He runs the Evans Tuning Academy which has also put together a full course on the LinkECU platform. The car made 775WHP and 520ft/lbs of torque.


Current records:
– Won the CSCS Time Attack Super Street Championship in 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2018.
• Won the Global Time Attack Pro Street Championship in 2015.
• Won the Global Time Attack Pro Limited Championship in 2017.
• Currently holding the overall track record in Super Street at the following Ontario tracks, Mosport DDT, Grand Bend Motorplex Modified Layout, Toronto Motorsports Park Reverse Layout, Shannonville Motorsports Park
• Currently holding track record at Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle in Street FWD category.
• Currently holding track record at Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle in Limited FWD category.
• Currently holding the Track Modified FWD record at Gingerman Raceway, Michigan. • Currently holding the Track Modified FWD record at Road Atlanta, Georgia

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