3 Rotor RX7 Third in North Island Endurance Series

Congratulations to Link ECU supported Driver Andy Duffin and his team 3 Rotor Racing for securing Third Overall in the North Island Endurance Series!

Endurance Racing is very competitive in New Zealand and this year would be 3 Rotor Racing’s first attempt at this discipline, after initially building the Mazda RX7 for Time Attack competition. A definite Fan Favourite in all corners of the world, but would the high performance rotary engine stand the test of Endurance events?


The 20B passed with flying colours as it performed amazingly, screaming its way around Pukekohe, Taupo and Hampton Downs.

The 2019 series was hosted over three tough rounds with mixed Winter conditions meaning the team’s, driver’s and car set-up’s were needing constant adjustment on race weekends. The final round of the Championsip was hosted at Hampton Downs this past weekend and Andy was able to drive to 5th overall (3rd in class) in an incredibly wet race. The track conditions on the opening laps were excrutiatingly wet for the low RX7, however, as the track dried out more and more Andy was able to put his foot down and finish the season on a high note.



 A few adjustments have been made to the car of late, including a TTi gearbox, bigger brakes, bigger wheels and dry pump fuel system. The engine remained relatively unchanged for the swap to Endurance Racing however, with only minimal adjustmants such as raising the rev limiter to over 10,000 RPM to cope with the long Straight at Pukekohe. 

Huge credit goes to Green Brothers Racing Ltd  for utilising the Link G4+ ECU and PC Link software to perfection, allowing the car run faultlessly and go the distance in the hour long races. Andy’s 3 Rotor uses a Link G4+ Xtreme ECU. 


The team is already preparing for the New Zealand Championship kicking off in November. Bring it on!




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