Conor Shanahan reflects on DMEC Rd.1

Conor & Jack Shanahan with a fan.

The world of drifting is filled with adrenaline, skill, and determination. Recently, at the first round of the highly anticipated Drift Masters European Championship event held at Mondello Park in Ireland, drivers Conor Shanahan and his brother Jack showcased their talent and resilience. In a recent catchup, Conor shared his thoughts on their performance, the hurdles they faced, and their unwavering commitment to excel in the championship.

"Jack, I, and the team have been busy since the end of the first round developing and testing our builds to get back into the Championship race," Conor revealed, emphasizing the dedication that drives them to continuously improve. The quest for perfection is not an easy one, and the opening round posed its fair share of challenges.

Conor Shanahan Drifting in his GT86

The Setup Struggles

Conor admitted that the first round proved to be a stressful event for the team. "We struggled to get the setup of our cars just right, meaning neither of us could get comfortable." The importance of finding the perfect balance cannot be overstated in a sport where split-second decisions and precise maneuvers make all the difference. Despite this setback, the brothers managed to overcome the difficulties and achieve commendable results.

Jack Shanahan Drifting in his GT86

Impressive Qualifying Performance

Against all odds, Conor and Jack displayed their skill and determination during the qualifying rounds. "Considering how things were, we were surprised, and grateful, that we managed to do well in qualifying," Conor stated. Jack secured an impressive second place, while Conor claimed the third spot. Their outstanding performance in the qualifying rounds showcased their ability to push boundaries even under the challenging circumstances of a rain-soaked track.

Fans of The Shanahans in the stands with an Irish Flag.

Competition Day Setbacks

However, as Conor candidly expressed, the competition day did not yield the anticipated results. "Neither Jack nor I could pull the required performance out of the bag, which was disappointing to say the least." Motorsports can be unpredictable, and sometimes even the most talented drivers face unforeseen obstacles. It is how they respond to such setbacks that truly defines their character.

Jack Shanahan battling Piotr Wiecek

A Determined Team Shanahan

In the aftermath of the event, Conor and the entire Shanahan team have been working tirelessly to address the issues that affected their performance. "The cars will shortly be making their way to DBM engineering to get two new engines fitted, as well as to give them a proper check-up," Conor shared. This dedication to diagnosing and rectifying the problems ensures that the cars will be in optimal condition for the upcoming rounds.

Jack Shanahan in his car

Looking Ahead

With their cars being worked on and brought back to peak performance, Conor and Jack eagerly anticipate the next round of the Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC), which will be held in Sweden in a few weeks' time. "Both of us are super excited about the upcoming challenge and are hungrier than ever to be the best we can be," Conor emphasized. Their determination and passion for the sport serve as an inspiration to their fans.

Jack Shanahan Drifting in his GT86

The first round of the Drift Masters event may not have unfolded according to their expectations, but Conor and Jack remain undeterred. Their resilience and commitment set the stage for a thrilling comeback in the upcoming rounds of the championship.


You can keep up to date with both Conor and Jack Shanahan on their Instagram accounts, as well as on the LinkECU social channels.