Immaculate 3SGE AE86

When Fernando Montero purchased a stock AE86 over 10 years ago he had one thing in mind: To build the cleanest 3SGE swap ever, while transplanting the engine into an AE86.


Just this year, that dream came true. After over 32000 hours of labour and a team of hard working team of people, Project AE86 was completed just a few weeks ago.


This build took some serious work and the final outcome vouches for just that. The engine bay is clean, the cockpit is immaculate and the roll cage is that of a high quality race car. In fact, the roll cage is Fernando’s favourite part of the car!


The aim is for the AE86 to be converted between a race and drift car and showcased around the world. It has a full race chassis, which is made ready for both disciplines by simply changing some configuration specifications.


Fernando is a Acupuncturist in Uruguay, and drives the car himself. He had the vision and ambition for the complete build, while Project Director, Washington Bentancur of WTR Performance, had the resources and experience to make it happen.



There are three engines dedicated to the car. The first one is a stock 3SGE Beams engine, with lowered compression and a Vortech v2 supercharger. It has 361 hps and 37 kg of torque as it sits in the car right now. The others are fully forged 3SGE Beams engines which the crew expects 450 hps out of, using a smaller supercharger pulley.


An ALTEZZALink, Link’s G4+ PlugIn ECU for the 3GTSE engine, is utilised to power the smooth-sounding motor. Fernando proudly claims “I love it, has every feature I’ve ever wanted”.



The Link G4+ was tuned by Alejandro Ruis and el Gera, from Archips.


To great satisfaction from the Project followers and everyone involved with the build, Perfect AE86 had its track debut in Uruguay last weekend. At Autodromo de El Pinar-Victor Borrat Fabini, Fernando and Perfect AE86, as the car is affectionately referred to, put on a massive display. Drifting in front of thousands of fans who came to see its track debut was an amazing spectacle. The crew wanted to specifically thank everyone who showed up to watch the polished red stallion roar around the race track. What an experience!



Future plans for the car include being driven at Nurburgring and displayed at SEMA, Las Vegas.


The complete build has been documented on the car’s well known Instagram page:

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