Link CAN Gauge – an affordable way to see your data

Eye-catching data, mind-blowing price.

Link Engine Management are pleased to present our latest product, the CAN Gauge, a 52mm multi-function OLED CAN Gauge which is an accessible and affordable alternative to a Driver Display.

The Gauge gives you all the data that you want to see, displaying up to forty parameters in real-time such as boost pressure, oil pressure, coolant temperature, ethanol content and much more...

Some of the main features of the CAN Gauge include:
  • Real-time display of data directly from your Link ECU.
  • A high-contrast OLED display, which is light sensitive and dims when ambient light is dark.
  • Fully customisable screens – display data in groups of 1, 2, or 4 across up to 10 different pages.
  • Customisable warning screens for low or high warnings such as low oil pressure or high boost pressure.
  • The gauge is pre-configured to work with all Link G4X/G4+ Wire-In and Plugin ECU's.
  • Configurable via an app on your smart phone
  • Compact 52mm (2 inch) size in high quality injection moulded housing.
  • The ability to connect two or more gauges in a daisy chain.
  • Extremely easy to install and use.
  • Comes included with a connection cable, mating connector and mounting bracket.

And the best part is… all of this is available at an accessible and affordable price.

Setting up your CAN Gauge is a breeze!

See how easy it is to setup a Link ECU CAN Gauge in this short demonstration video:

See more for less...

The LinkECU CAN Gauge is available for purchase now. For pricing or to place your order, please contact your local reseller.