The Link 2021 Quiz

How good is your knowledge of all things ECU and engine performance? Test yourself in our 2021 Quiz and find out.

#1. What does ECU stand for?

#2. Who won the Drift Masters European Championship series for 2021?

#3. Where was Link Engine Management founded?

#4. What does a MAP Sensor measure?

#5. Conor Shanahan released his new car this year - what was it?

#6. What is Link’s software called

#7. Krazy Kelly’s 540ci Blown Methanol dragster Prom Queen makes how many whp on the dyno?

#8. Anti-lag is caused by?

#9. Which of these cars does Link offer a Plug-in ECU for?

#10. Which Link driver won the Japanese D1GP in 2021?