When Lee Egan imported an immaculate Tommi Makinen Mitsubishi EVO VI from Japan to the UK in 2003, it would be fair to say he had secured his dream car.

The Class A import is of one of just 2500 special edition EVO 6’s Mitsubishi produced to commemorate Makinen’s four WRC Championships.

Boasting great power, quick steering and an impressive turbo charging system, the car was a treat on the road as Lee used it as a Daily Driver for many years. He didn’t hesitate to take it to the track either, putting his foot down at many track days across the UK.

Over the years, Lee has made many modifications to the car to further improve its performance; and appearance. These have been done to great effect, with the car being a real attention grabber at events. So much so, that it is now semi-retired from street use and kept for special car events, shows and charity track events. You may have seen it on the Link ECU Stand at Castle Combe in the past. If not, British fans should be able to see it up close, and out on the race track, at one of the Castle Combe Days later this year!

Of course, the upgrade list to this machine includes a Link ECU, plus a lengthy list of engine mods to the forged 2.2litre stroker engine. It now features a GT3076 full race turbo kit, Magnus inlet & RC1000cc injectors.

Other modifications include a custom 3” exhaust, TEIN electronic adjustable suspension and a rear custom diffuser.

Link Engine Management have three PlugIn ECUs for the EVO’s. By using the Link EVO8+, Lee could gain more potential out of his engine while also ensuring longevity with the Link ECU safety features. A knock sensor is installed into the car with warning signals set up within PC Link, so Lee knows if any excess detonation is occurring in the engine.

Designed as a rally car, there are a few motorsport features essential with the EVO VI. These include anti-lag, launch control and ‘pops and bangs on request’ (Lee’s words!)

Tuners, John at FCM Motorsport & Grant at Performance Engine Solutions, have ensured that high and low boost options are available at the flick of a switch in the cockpit.

The total power output of this package is particularly impressive, with 480ft lbs torque and 603bhp (400bhp at low boost).


Thanks for sharing your Pride and Joy with us, Lee!



2000 Mitsubishi EVOlution 6 Tommi Makinned Edition in red
Forged 2.2litre stroker engine
GT3076 full race turbo kit
Magnus inlet
RC1000cc injectors
Custom 3” exhaust
Tein electronic adjustable suspension
Lightweight north south bar
Tomei oil
Scraper and baffles
Defi gauges
Innovate lambda gauge
Mitsubishi triple gauge set
Link G4+ PlugIn ECU 
Rear custom diffuser
Revolution millennium alloy wheels
Underside has been fully restored having all metal parts powder coated


Planned events for 2020: 

Castle Combe Summer Action Day
Castle Combe Forge Action Day
Castle Combe Action Day Finale
Castle Combe  Japfest
Castle Combe  Rallyday

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