Imagine going over 190 miles p/hr (305km p/hr) with no roll cage around you.

It may sounds like fun for some, scary for others. One thing is for sure however: very few people get to experience doing this speed on ice!

We can only imagine what it must have felt like for Flyin Ryan Ensor when he broke the 1000ft Snowmobile Speed Run World Record this past Winter in Wisconsin, USA.

The record breaking sled, Frozen Assets II, is owned by the Warning Family of Illinois USA and is no stranger to the limelight or race wins. With a whopping 720 horsepower, 1176cc 2cyl Turbo engine, this thing is FAST.

To break the world record this season, Frozen Assets II clocked an incredible 194.38 miles p/hr.













The build is a 2018 custom Hypersports HRC-2 designed and engineered in-house at Hypersports. The sled uses a Link Fury ECU to control absolutely every function, tuned in house by Mr Glen Hall.

A Link 6.5 BAR MAP sensor, Link fuel and oil sensors and Link air temp sensors also ensure that the high-horsepower engine is running optimally.













The package proves to be a huge success, and a massive ‘Congratulations’ is well deserved to everyone involved in this achievement!

Link ECU are proud to be Hypersports #1 choice in Engine Management.



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