Emirates Drift King Ahmad Daham


Being an engine tuner as well as one of the best drifters in the Middle East is a cause worth supporting.

Link ECU is proud to be partnered with Ahmad Daham, a driver whom has persisted over many years to build a name and reputation for himself in the high performance car industry. Originating from Jordan, Daham developed an interest in cars at an early age. Always wanting to go faster, he taught himself to tune ECU’s, turning it into a profession to provide a good source of income to finance his own race cars. Daham’s career has blossomed over the past few years, winning the 2014 & 2015 RBCPD Middle east Championship, and being crowned the King of Desert in 2016 & 2017.

Dubbed a huge success in it’s first season, the 2018 Emirates Drift Championship is a welcome addition to Drift competition in the Middle East for the likes of Daham. After clutch troubles hindered progress at Round 1, the Red Bull driver and title favourite went on to win the next two rounds. This left him second overall in the Inaugural Championship, behind Champion Sultan Al Qassimi.

Among this busy period for our Link ECU driver was also the Race of Champions in Riyad, and the Oman Automobile Association drift
Championship where he also finished second. Not only has Ahmad competed five times in the last five weeks, but he is also kept busy as one of our elite Link ECU tuners. Ahmad works for NMK Performance, an extremely popular high performance car tuning hub located in his place of residance Amman, Jordan. 


We caught up with Ahmad to find out his even bigger plans for the future:


How was 2017 for you?

2017 was very good, I was able to defend the King of Desert title for the second year and worked on many exciting video projects with Red Bull.


You must be excited with the brand new Emirates Drift Championship! What do you think of this series so far?

Yes it’s about time a decent championship which is based in the UAE is done, after the huge increase of new drift cars that are being built.



Have you got the results you wanted?

Well we have are ups and downs, but mostly we are happy with what we have achieved as a team for the past couple of years.


What are your drift plans for the future?

My plan is to compete in Europe for a couple of selected rounds of The IDC and BDC to gain more experience. I would also love to attend Good Wood Festival of Speed if I had the chance to.


Tell us a little more about your car.. Who built/tuned it? What mods does it have?

My car nicknamed Senshi which stand for warrior in Japanese was a collaborate between Tensai Tuning and NMK Performance. Its a 2JZ powered S chassis running the Link Thunder ECU, tuned by myself of course.



Being a tuner as well as a driver is quite unique nowadays. Do you think this is an advantage for you?

Well yes this is an advantage I think I will always have, if I’m not mistaken I haven’t come across a professional drifter who also tunes ECU’s. So I get the best out of my Link Engine Management system and tuning to suite my driving and my requirements exactly.


Sounds like a winning combination to us… Link ECU wish Ahmad all the very best for a few days rest before planning the rest of 2018 gets underway. We look forward to joining you on the journey.

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