Our most popular things from 2022


It's been a pretty busy year across our social media channels. Here, we take a look back at some of our most popular posts.

Most popular video

Link Razor PDM

This year, we launch our long awaited and highly anticipated PDM. A lot of you were keen to find out what the product specs were and how it could benefit your build, so you were quick to watch our Razor PDM video.

Most popular Instagram Post

Plug-in ECU Meme

How would you feel if you'd just spent the past few weeks re-wiring your car to install your new Link ECU, only to discover that you could've easily replaced your existing unit with one of our plug and play ECUs? We think this Meme sums it up nicely!

Most popular Facebook Post

Riverside Drift

Lots of you were scouring the internet for updates from the Riverside Drift event back in July, when the event regulars came up against some big-name drivers from around the world. Our team were there to bring you all the action.

Most popular Build

4G63 Mk7 Ford Fiesta

4G63 Powered Ford Fiesta

This build certainly got your tongues wagging in 2022, thanks to Cypriot Emre Erosal. He took on the mammoth task of installing a Mitsubishi Sirius (4G63) engine into a Mk7 Ford Fiesta. Check out all the details in our full build post.